The Importance of Using Safety Tags & Safety Labels

Do you have suitable identification and labelling throughout your workplace? If your building or machinery lacks the crucial safety identification to warn others, you are taking several risks as a business owner or manager.

Safety Tags

Work sites can be some of the most hectic areas on any given day. Often, with personnel, their work involves the use of heavy machinery and other equipment, and because of this, danger tags are needed whenever possible. This applies for every industry and not only ones where machinery is used daily. Without danger tags, safety is pushed aside, since workers aren’t aware of all possible hazards. Safety tags is an effective form of communication for work sites.

Importance of Danger Tags

Danger tags come in many colours and variations depending on where they need to be used. Tags exist for inventory check, electrical hazards, equipment status and inspections.
Each category also has a subcategory of tags that provides more information. For example, equipment status can be broken down into out of service tags, which informs workers when a piece of equipment is not working. Likewise, repair tags inform workers when something is undergoing maintenance. The use of danger tags is essential for work sites across various industries.

Lockout-Tagout Importance

Known also as lock and tag, this safety procedure is vital to ensure equipment and other machines are turned off and remain so during scheduled maintenance. Lockout-tagout also guards against other factors that may introduce safety hazards.

OSHA estimates, because of lockout-tagout, approximately 50,000 injuries and 120 fatalities are avoided each year in USA. Lockout-tagout not only improves the productivity but cuts costs and saves lives.

Safety Labels

Employees must understand the risks associated with hazardous materials and how to protect themselves from coming into contact with these types of substances. The use of safety labels is very beneficial in the communication of potential hazards. Safety labels in the workplace and around the areas that customers could get hurt play a highly important role in protecting their safety as well as the company.

The most common signal words include:

  • NOTICE – The text should appear in blue print and used as a reminder of the environment to avoid possible risks.
  • CAUTION – The text should appear in yellow print and used when referring to the risk of a minor or moderate injury.
  • WARNING – The text should appear in orange print and used when death or serious injury could occur.
  • DANGER – The text should in red print and used ONLY when death or serious injury WILL occur.

There are many types of safety labels that business owners have to replace or update. These include machine safety, building or facility safety, and fire equipment and emergency exit, to name just a few.

The primary importance of displaying Safety signage and identification is to prevent injury and is crucial to ensure staff and visitors are well aware of the possible dangers and hazards ahead in certain situations and/or environments. Without signage, employees lack the direction in times of crisis, and employers might find themselves in significant legal difficulties if any accidents were to arise as a result.

Take a look around your facility and on the equipment. If any of the safety labels or tags are illegible or completely missing, you are putting yourself, your employees, your customers and your business at risk. Contact Tags & Tickets, we can provide safety tags and label printing for all types of industries and in all types of environments. Custom safety tag printing is one of our product specialties!

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