Suppliers of sew on fasteners, self-adhesive velcro types and luggage straps

Tags & Tickets supplies a wide range of Velcro hook fasteners and webbing tape. Made from the finest quality, fire-retardant textiles and loop technology, our products are strong enough to be used in industrial settings as well as for commercial and domestic use. Contact us today for more information on our selection.

Velcro types include sew-on and self-adhesive fastener tapes, which can be slightly different in makeup.

  • Hooks are injection moulded and can be produced using a variety of resins, making them versatile and easy to customise for different requirements.
  • Loop fastener types are woven or knitted and slightly elasticated, allowing them to be easily attached and removed from the hook, without breaking.
  • Hooks and loops combined on one woven tape are often used as luggage straps and to open and close school bags.


One of the most popular options, our clients prefer the rubber self-adhesive Velcro type because it’s convenient and can be attached to just about any surface, except plastic. With a rubber resin glue on the back, the self-adhesive tapes are used across all industries.

Perfectly suited for use in all sectors, these are an affordable option, especially when buying in bulk.

Sew on fasteners

Made with no resin backing at all, sew on fasteners are commonly attached to clothing to replace zips and buttons, and are used as shoe fasteners. They are also commonly used in adaptive clothing for people with disabilities.

It’s soft enough to be sewn on by hand and hardy enough to be put through a sewing machine.

Webbing tape

An extremely strong tape woven into a flat strip of varying thickness and widths. Commonly used in the sports sector for climbing and abseiling, in the motor industry for towing, and by the military for parachuting.

A highly sought-after product made from synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon, webbing tape often has a breaking point at 4.5 tonnes. However, that does depend entirely on the width, thickness and weave of the tape being used.

Product information

All our self and non-adhesive, flame retardant sew-on Velcro types are available in 25m rolls of black or white tape. The products we supply can be washed without incident. Because this material retains water and perspiration, it needs to be sufficiently cleaned to ensure hygienic standards and because it will be more effective when not clogged up with debris.

Contact us today to find out which hook fasteners will suit your needs.


13mm Black Back to Back Velcro, 25m roll


13mm White Back to Back Velcro, 25m roll


16mm Velcro Type Black Hook, 25m roll


16mm Velcro Type Black Loop, 25m roll


16mm Velcro Type White Hook, 25m roll


16mm Velcro Type, White Loop, 25m roll


20mm Velcro Type Black Hook


20mm Velcro Type Black Loop


20mm Velcro Type White Hook, Self Adhesive


20mm Velcro Type White Loop Self Adhesive


25mm Black Back to Back Velcro, One wrap type, 25m roll


25mm Velcro Type Black Hook


25mm Velcro Type Black Hook, Self Adhesive


25mm Velcro Type Black Loop


25mm Velcro Type Black Loop, Self Adhesive