Brass tags and stainless steel keyrings

Metal tags and plates are the perfect marking solution for the easy identification of equipment such as machinery, valves, pipes and more. Tags & Tickets produces a range of durable identification plates that can be engraved or embossed and attached to any metal surface by way of pre-drilled holes.

Recognised for our high standards and exceptional service for over 15 years, we have provided outstanding quality products for the mining, retail, shipping and electrical industries.

Order your weatherproof metal tags in different volumes and we’ll deliver them direct to your door. Contact us today for more information.

Browse our categories for tags and discs that offer you the best solutions for your needs, and we’ll do the rest. Below is a selection of metal tags and keyrings to complement their sets:

  • Brass tags – 16x50mm-25x75mm
  • Brass discs – 25mm to 38mm
  • Aluminium tags – 25-80mm
  • Aluminium discs – 32mm discs available in various colours
  • Stainless steel discs – 25mm-32mm; powder coated in light blue or red
  • Keyrings/chains – Stainless steel, and nickel available in various sizes
  • Key tags – standard ID tags available in mixed colours

Durable, affordable and produced under the OSHA and ANSI compliance regulations, our metal tags and keyrings are certified according to industry standards.

Brass tags

Made from cartridge brass and lacquered to maintain their appearance, our brass tags are available in various shapes and sizes. It’s the ideal solution for use on outdoor equipment, machinery and valves due to the corrosion and rust-resistant makeup. If you need customised brass tags, our skilled craftsmen provide quality engraving services on tags of all sizes

Stainless steel discs

We offer stainless steel discs in two colours and sizes. Both are made from heavyweight un-plated stainless steel hardware. Designed to easily withstand the harsh outdoor elements such as corrosion and temperatures, stainless steel does not tarnish and is scratch-resistant. It’s the ideal metal for ID tags and nameplates for outdoor machinery, equipment, pipes, etc.

Nickel & stainless steel keyrings

Made from spring steel, we offer split stainless steel and nickel keyrings that don’t warp or twist and can be attached to metal and safety tags of different widths and sizes. Choose your keyrings from our extensive range of sizes, each of which are lacquered and treated to handle extreme conditions.

Durable and hardy, our selection of metal tags are OSHA and ANSI compliant, and can be custom engraved and embossed.

Each tag and disc is designed for easy attachment to metal surfaces, and our keyrings and chains are hardy enough to hold heavy duty discs and tags required in industrial settings.

We offer affordable metal tags, discs and keyrings in various quantities, style, shapes and colours.

Chat to our team about your ID requirements and what your deadlines are, and we’ll provide you with a cost-effective quote and fast, efficient delivery direct to your door.

Contact us today for more information on the various standard and customised metal tags and keyrings we offer.

SD TM1000

25x80mm Aluminium Identification Tag supplied with copper wire tie 1000/pk


32mm Stainless Steel Disc with punch hole – powder-coated light blue


32mm Stainless Steel Disc with punch hole – powder-coated red


Aluminium 32mm Gold Disc with Punch Hole


Aluminium Disc 25mm with punch hole, Red


Aluminium Disc 32mm – Green


Aluminium Disc 32mm – Purple


Aluminium Disc 32mm- Red


Aluminium Disc, 25mm with punch hole, Blue


Brass Disc 25mm – punch hole


Brass Disc 32mm – punch hole


Brass Disc 38mm – punch hole

SD B1650T

Brass Tag 16x50mm, punch hole

SD B2575T

Brass Tag 25x75mm, shaped end


Key Ring 10mm OD, nickel plate