Wide range of safety tags; from inspection to danger tags

Made from high performance, durable materials that can withstand harsh environments, our industrial safety tags can be used for hazard warnings, valve identification, equipment instructions, accident prevention and more. Our services and products go above and beyond client expectations, and have helped maintain our standing as one of the leading safety tag suppliers throughout Australia for the past 15 years. Contact us for more information.

Tags & Tickets produces large and small runs of double-sided tags, customised to suit various industry requirements. Industrial warehousing, products and machinery call for eye-catching tags that are clearly visible, and can be used effectively to prevent accidents and mishaps, and provide crucial information. Contact us to find out how we can make your workplace a safer space.

Superior products for safety, mining, retail, shipping and electrical requirements

Ensure your workforce is protected by ensuring that all machinery is carefully demarcated; operation instructions are clearly displayed and hazardous areas are obviously marked. This is easily achieved with customised safety labels that are available in the following forms:

  • Safety tags
  • Electrical test tags
  • Metal tags and keyrings
  • Shipping tags/merchandising tags/tags on rolls

Customise your tags

Tags can be customised to meet your unique industry requirements. Our designers are industry certified and have the know-how to help you with innovative designs and products that suit your business. Use your own font, add red danger strips for more impact or go for the simple but effective base design; this designs also depend on the type of material you opt for. You have free rein with the customised versions, however, they do need to meet industry regulations. Our selection includes:

  • Cardstock
  • Rigid, soft, and recycled plastic
  • Polyester
  • Vinyl
  • Steel
  • Laminated cardstock
  • Aluminium

Information tags

Essential to the safety of your staff, information tags are used to advise employees of what machinery to stay away from, and which machines are due for maintenance or repairs. These double-sided information tags also have space for personnel to enter their details and the inspection check dates.

Inspection tags

Stay on top of your equipment services and maintenance with inspection tags, designed to withstand extreme weather and the toughest industrial conditions.

Made from extremely durable cardstock, which can be plastic sealed, our extensive range of inspection tags includes every type of message and instruction you need. Safety, fire extinguishers, and monitor tags are just a few of the tags that keep personnel informed of inspection and repair dates.

Out of service tags

Employee safety is paramount, which is why our out-of-service range is designed to help prevent the use of faulty machinery, warn personnel of equipment that needs to be repaired, and basically keep all staff abreast of which production tools to avoid.

Danger tags

These provide a safer working environment for all concerned. The industry-recognised lockout/danger tag is protocol in all heavy-duty industries, because they help reduce accidents in the workplace. Accident prevention, lockout, and do-not-operate/open danger tags emphasise the need for heightened awareness and vigilance around certain places and equipment; particularly those that pose a threat of serious or fatal injury.


All our tags provide only regulated information ensuring they are OSHA and ANSI compliant. They are durable, quality products that are engineered for longevity. Each is designed for safety awareness whether it be to warn or caution staff about the latest equipment services or maintenance, workspace updates, chemical hazmats, lockout or first aid conditions or requirements.


Tags are available with twine and cable ties of different colours, lengths and widths. Flexible but strong, these fixings are perfectly suited to attach and keep hardy tags in place for extended periods. We will advise you on the best ones for your job.

Tags are available to order in various quantities, sizes and styles. Place your order today and our service team will work with you to identify exactly what you need, when you need it, and how fast we can get it to you. Delivery is direct to your door. Just another quality service from a company that sets extremely high standards.

Contact us today for cost effective, standard or customised safety tag requirements.

SD T78

0.38mm Poly – Personal Danger Do Not Operate Tag


38mm Diameter Plastic Discs, Multipack of 100


Blue Rigging Plastic Stock Tag 175x5mm, pk 100

SD T126

Cardstock – Danger Blank Tag

SD T305

Cardstock – Danger Do Not Operate Needs Repair Tag with perforation

SD T101

Cardstock – Danger Do Not Operate Tag

SD T303

Cardstock – Danger Do Not Operate Tag with perforation

SD T304

Cardstock – Danger Equipment Locked Out Tag with perforation

SD T306

Cardstock – Equipment Status Tag with perforation

SD T107

Cardstock – Information Tag

SD T311

Cardstock – Maintenanced Due Tag with perforation

SD T51

Cardstock – Out of Service Tag

SD T307

Cardstock – Released Hold Tag with perforation

SD T313

Cardstock – Repair Required Tag with perforation

SD T308

Cardstock – To Be Cleaned with perforation